Finding Bliss at Enso Gardens

The lovely folks at O'Reilly Media, producers of Maker Faire, held a gathering for the makers at a beautiful waterfront yoga/retreat centre called Enso Gardens. Coming on the eve of Swap-o-rama-rama, it was an unexpectedly blissful occasion that was probably the highlight of that whole wonderful weekend.

The Gardens are located in Half Moon Bay, reached by a twisty-turny road bordered by strawberry farms and lush vegetation. Since it was evening when we arrived, the low sun washes out the ocean in these pictures, but it's there.

A weathered fence surrounds the Gardens. Wendy and Gretchen indulged my frenzy of picture taking.

Inside, there was a main courtyard adjacent to the yoga room, kitchen and deck. Every element seemed handmade, timeless, and beautifully weathered. This is the window in the bathroom.

Lichen, rust and the salt air combine to create a rich patina.

Here I am in the courtyard in front of an outdoor shrine.

Lilies in the golden light of the setting sun.

The main building was surrounded by small unique cabins, each with their own courtyard. It was like being in the Shire.

There was a band who played amplified handmade instruments.

And when the cool of the evening got a bit much, we decided to retreat to a greenhouse. Instead of the expected plants, we entered to find the floor strewn with persian carpets and pillows, and low tables offering chocolates and fresh strawberries. True bliss!