Sunday, March 11, 2007

DIY Wedding

I'm getting married on June 30. I haven't been jumping up and down telling everyone because it's going to be very small, held at the foot of an old growth tree on Bowen Island, just family. But even so, it seems to be turning into something of an event.
This is mostly due to the romantic fantasies of the 11-year-old SD, which, as it turns out, are pretty powerful. She convinced me that I needed to visit some bridal shops and try dresses on. She happily agreed to come with me and be my "stylist".
Having never done the traditional wedding thing before, I had no idea of what to expect. Entering one of these shops is like crossing the threshold into another world. You must remove footwear, to avoid trampling on the trains of the dresses. There are not only change rooms, but an area with a pedestal surrounded by mirrors, which the bride-to-be can get a panoramic view of how she looks.
The sales people would greet us, give us (middle aged woman & tall pre-teen girl) the once-over and ask in a puzzled tone "Prom or wedding?" At this point I was ready to run, but I grit my teeth and ruefully admitted "Wedding."
First Problem: All the sample dresses are size 8. No amount of a "lace back" is going to make it possible for me to fit into one.
Second Problem: All the dresses are polyester and hideously expensive.
Third Problem: "You're getting married June 30? Of this year?" Oh, I guess one is supposed to give at least four months lead time. Who knew? SD did. 11 years old and completely knowledgeable about the process of ordering a dress.
I did finally try on a dress or two, hoping it might turn me into a winsome and photogenically blushing bride. Do I dare post the result?

Obviously, I am not going to go this route.
Instead, this evening, in a much less embarrassing shopping process, I ordered this pattern:

I am going to go to Rocco's on Fraser Street, blissfully fondle the exquisite and reasonably priced silk fabrics, choose something gorgeous, and sew my own bloody dress.
I even downloaded an elbow length glove pattern off of Burda's website - check it out, it's awesome - and as an extra treat, scored a corset pattern off of Ebay.
Forty-five stress-free minutes later, I feel like I've got the dress covered. Whewww!!
Except that now SD wants to take her Dad shopping for a tux...


  1. AH! I can't wait to see your dress! You are beautiful and, well, I'm just think you'll be sensational.

  2. Phew, 2,5 years ago I didn't even dare to go to the bridal shop because I expected all the issues you wrote about! I just ordered myself a made-to-size set from India: a blouse, a skirt and a matching hand embroidered silk sari, and it cost me half the price of the average shop dress. *^v^* (and gave me lots more fun!)
    Congratulations on your wedding! ^^

  3. Jacquie5:36 PM

    Thanks for sharing your brave adventure! I'm glad you decided to make your own. I look forward to seeing it. The kimono jacket looks great, too!

  4. Congratulations! Or is it Felicitations? Whichever -- much happiness to you!


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