Monday, February 12, 2007

Odds and Sods

The East Van Revolutionary Knitting Front held their first meeting on Friday - and plotting to overthrow the corporate state was never so much fun! Twelve bold souls turned up, and we not only knit, but had a charka demonstration (lower left), embroidered, and unravelled a hammock (lower right). Big thanks to Jonathan, who not only offered the use of the Vegetarian Resource Centre for our meeting, but made us tea as well - along with Conrad, who fit us in between screenings of his new film "Five Ring Circus" and planning the Stop the Highway party the following evening. I think some very fertile seeds have been planted, and I look forward to seeing what grows from our modest beginning.

I just saw this on Extreme Craft and loved the flaccid-ity of this handsewn version of the gas-guzzling behemoth. Artist Margarita Cabrera created this life size Hummer out of vinyl.

And here's a picture of the latest bag. I did my first sashiko stitching to embellish the front and back. Sashiko is just running stich, so it's very easy and quite satisfying as it goes so quickly. Not quite quickly enough for mass production though - I estimate it took me about 10 hours to embroider just the cloth. I think I'll keep this one for myself.


  1. Wow- Wish I could have been at the Revolutionary Knitting Circle! Sounds so fun!

  2. That bag is absolutely amazing -- the stitches on the fabric transform it.


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