Monday, January 22, 2007

The Reincarnation of Cloth

The bowling bag continues to evolve. This one is a cotton kasuri (ikat) fabric reclaimed from a kimono found at the temple market in Nara.

It is lined with a very nice quality kasuri scrap that was once part of a summer kimono, and has pockets cut from a piece of stencilled cloth, probably a summer yukata.

I added a couple of beckoning cat charms. For more on the lucky beckoning cat, check out Wild Ink.

Another view of the inside. I am happy with how the design is coming, just a little more tweaking with the handles and it will be launched into the world. Originally intended as a knitting bag for smaller projects, it would also make a really cute handbag. I love to think that the women who originally wore the kimonos the cloth came from would smile to see how the cloth lives on.


  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    TOTALLY COOL BAG! You have honoured the spirit of the cloth.

    Why don't men get to carry around cool bags like that? It's a gender crime!

    Keep up the remarkable work.

  2. The Maneki Neko (did I get that right?) beads are...they're...I want them.


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