Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mama's Got Some Brand New Bags

I have been plugging away in the studio and have come up with a couple of new designs. Even with my graphic design background, I underestimated how long it takes to come up with something I'm happy with. I'm playing both roles here - the creator, and the suit that comes in and says, "I would like to see this changed, and this, and this." Then I have to go back and figure out how to do it. And how to stay within my self-determined mandate of using recycled materials as much as possible.

This tote bag evolved from a slightly larger size, scaled down to fit the average 13.5 inch width of kimono fabric. The polka dot knit trim comes from a sweater I found at the Sally Ann. These bags will inevitably be unique, since I rarely have enough fabric to make two the same. This slows things down somewhat, but appeals to my low boredom threshold.

My artist brain is also at odds with business brain. I love to go through the stash to find the perfect complementary fabric, but now I'm nagged by the business side saying, "You're taking too much time. Just choose and get on with it!" I like the challenge of coming up with an efficient solution to a problem, but it seems like I've no sooner solved one problem and another, completely different one appears.

But I was quite pleased when my costume designer studio mate walked in, picked up the just finished bowling bag and said, "What a cute bag!", without realizing that I had made it. Now if I can just get that kind of validation from customers!


  1. I read your comment about the Fibre Trends clogs at YarnHarlot - I live in Squamish. I couldn't get the pattern at any of the Vancouver shops but you can order them online. MakeOne Yarns through Calgary carries Fibre Trends and their delivery is very quick. Best of luck! Ooh - and I LOVE your bags. Especially the bowling style.

  2. Thanks for the tip - I'll check MakeOne out. And thanks for the compliment too!

  3. All your bags are lovely but my favourites are the first one the last one. ^^ I must try the patchwork bag myself and see how I feel with such combination of patterns&colours at once. *^v^*


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