Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just a Quickie - Indoors and Out

Yesterday I installed the mizrah in my client's apartment. It hangs on the easternmost wall, above the bed. This photo doesn't quite capture the true colour of the wall (more of a burnt sienna), but I think the mizrah looks pretty great anyway.

The same client had purchased The Blazing World series and installed it in the waiting room of his office. I hear that it has been a hit both with partners and clients. It is very gratifying to have my work out in the world, too much of it languishes in storage.

This last picture shows the colour and texture of my autumn garden. I snapped it during a sunny break, in between the torrential downpours we've been having here on the West Coast.


  1. While I am impressed by the artwork, these pictures remind me how much I like bold and vibrant colors on walls. Perhaps these images will inspire me to take the leap to do some painting in ye ole abode soon. Color does much to influence mood.

  2. Your work is absolutely awe-inspiring. I bet the client absolutely flipped with joy.


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