Monday, October 02, 2006


Vancouver Swap-o-rama-rama 2006 is in the can! It was a roaring, chaotic success, with over 350 people through the door and a small ski hill sized pile of clothes recycled. My camera and I were having issues, and the room was on the dark side, so these photos could use a lot of tweaking but here's a taste of the day: (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

The fashion show was an exercise in improvisation, but the models (Erin, Jaleen, Jenny, Lizzy, Liza, Naomi and Gretchen) were beautiful and brilliant. The clothes of designers Gretchen Elsner, Wendy van Reisen, Shawna Reibling, and Tagalong Sally were fabulous, so ingenious and witty.

People were awesomely creative. Thanks to Wendy, Shawna, Alexis, Jennifer, Katie, and Charlotte for so generously sharing their skills. And the volunteers who helped sort (led by the amazing April), set up and clean up were wonderful to the point of heroism.

Swapping was frenzied (and that's putting it delicately.) Our DJ's were masterful in keeping the energy flowing.

Conrad showed his inimitable style and was a fantastic, witty MC. His energy never flagged, especially impressive since he had been up til the wee hours the night before hosting a packed Velo Fusion party at the Anza Club.

And, most of all, huge thanks to Wendy Tremayne, the originator of Swap-o-rama-rama, for her brilliant idea, and for all her generous help and support in planning the Vancouver swap. She's knee deep in prep for the New York swap, happening October 8. Blessings to you Wendy!!

Will we do another one?? Well let's just say I'm looking at the Heritage Hall in April.

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  1. Where was this when I lived in Vancouver?? I was there from 1966-summer of 2000. I like the pink dress...


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