Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Socks and Dogs

I finished the Koigu socks last week. Very nice yarn to knit with. I had two skeins of slightly different colourways, but they were close enough and so multicoloured I wasn't too worried about the difference.
Of course my dogs love to get into the frame when the camera is out. Here's Casey being her usual detached but cautiously hopeful self.

And Tasha, increasingly neurotic and jealous of any attention Casey gets.

Very simple socks - I knit them during business lectures. Since encouraging people to be creative is part of my business plan, I figure I can totally justify knitting at all times.
And after finishing them I went back to poor, neglected Arisaig (from Knitty) and realised I only have to finish off a sleeve and then I'll be done. My gauge issues seem to have sorted themselves out while languishing in the knitting bag - I love it when that happens!

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  1. Stripey. Rainbow. Socks. Mmmmmmm... kryptonite. I also have a furry "helper" who always tries to get in the shot. He's a total camera whore!


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