Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I once had a yoga teacher who used to say that this is the time of year when the veils between the worlds grow thin. (She would also talk about the expansive spaciousness of shavasana, but I digress.) I do know it's the season for exploring alternate identities. And, Saturday night was the Work Less Party's Masquerade Ball - the perfect chance for some shape-shifting.
Ian took the classic route. Check out the frock coat - custom made by moi, with glittery Day of the Dead fabric.

Since I had been working on my business plan until the 11th hour, I made a last minute choice from my large collection of kimonos, added a fancy mask and voila, instant outfit. (Oddly enough, it wasn't the outfit that made me feel different, it was the lipstick, which I hardly ever wear.)

And here are a couple of samples of what I actually achieved in the Maiwa workshop I raved about in the previous post.

On this one, I did an applique, learned how hard mirrors are to sew on, added some beads and sequins and little bells, all on some fabulous Maiwa fabrics. (Even their scraps are exquisite!)

And this was a little patchwork featuring my grotesquely large quilting stitches and some tassels that I had great fun making.

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  1. Wait wait wait: you have a *collection* of kimonos??? ::dies:: You both look maaaahvelous! The muertos frock coat is a thing of beauty and fits fantastically. Shisha work, however, is a thing of pain and cursing and tears, but it looks so pretty when it's done. You talented girl you ;D


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