Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Saved by the Stash

Last week, I went a little nuts and ordered some fabric from Craft Connection. Well, ordering fabric in itself may not be nuts, but when one has several lifetimes worth of fabric in the cupboard, why order more?

It was a totally cool print, perfect for my next outfit for the Workless Party Party.
It arrived in a couple of days and since I had a load of washing going, I thought I'd be efficient and throw it in. That sort of thinking has worked 99% of the time before, but I didn't notice I had a piece of burgundy cloth in there that was bleeding all over the damn place. I took out my new Los Muertos fabric and it was pink!
Now pink skeletons just don't cut it. I ran to the drawer where I keep my dyeing supplies (and of which I often ask myself, "Why am I keeping all this around whgen I hardly ever dye anything?") I grabbed some theorea dioxide and the synthrapol. First I tried re-washing the fabric with the TD, hoping it would lift the pink but not the print. It didn't do anything, so I did another cycle with the synthrapol, which also did nothing. Argy argy.
Finally, I just figured I would overdye it with a yellow green, hoping to get a light brown. I got the Procion Mx dyes from the stash, mixed golden yellow and bright green together and...

It worked!! Turned out kind of muted and aged looking, which I liked way better than the original fabric. Wheww!

After all that excitement, it began to rain. I walked to the grocery store without an umbrella, just enjoying the light rain on my face. Such a nice change. This morning my garden looked like this:

Summer is expected to return later this week. That's fine, I know there are more than enough rainy days coming soon. But I'd like to see my bronze fennel standing back up a little while longer.


  1. Oooooh, what a great fabric selection they have! Have you ever had any problems ordering and bringing the fabric into Canada? I've had issues in the past with handling fees and customs and import duties, to the point where I'm too afraid to order anything online anymore! And the selection at Fabricland is sadly lacking...

  2. I had no problem at all with the order. It came within just a couple of days and I didn't have to pay any duty. I think the duty thing is kind of random. On about 10 orders from the States I have only had to pay duty on one and their irritating customs fee on another. (They charge $5.00+gst just to look at it.) Their selection IS amazing and with the strong Canadian $ even $8.95US/yd seems like a good deal.

  3. Oh, and I've also had really good luck with Cia's Palette and The Cotton Shop.

  4. THANK YOU! Maybe I'll even be brave enough to order a few (hundred) metres :D


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