Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Life...

I keep these photos of myself (circa 1985) in a little basket on my bureau, and every now and then I come across them as I'm looking for something else. I'm usually instantly transported back in time, and depending on my mood, get all nostalgic or think, "Man, was I ever young then!"

I post them for you here now, just so you know that I did indeed have a crazy haircut (unfortunately I never documented the bright red mohawk), had sharp metal studs on my clothes, and was a little on the moody side. I gave the jacket to the Sally Ann several years ago, I hope that some angsty young teen treasures it now.

I could go on about the time Dee Dee Ramone asked me for a valium, or the drunk-out-of-my head punk rock dancing at Luxury Bob's, but maybe I'll save it for the TV movie.

I'm off this weekend to Seattle, to go to Bumbershoot, see the New Pornographers and Dengue Fever, and hopefully meet the Yarnharlot, who is part of a panel discussion on the Home Ec Revolution.

There's nothing like fun for a good time!


  1. Oh Heather, those are wonderful! So glad you kept them. I think photo booth pics have to be my favourite medium of capturing a moment in life. They tend to be more natural and true; yours express volumes. They are almost 3-D with the strength of your self. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jacquie5:53 PM

    Did you really meet Dee Dee Ramone? I never had the nerve to get a crazy haircut back then, but I did dream of one? Did re-sew my 1979 jeans to Ramonize them, though. Hey Ho, let's go!

  3. Yes, Dee Dee was my favourite Ramone, and my old boyfriend Reid played in a band that opened for them once in Toronto. So he made sure I got backstage - I met Joey too, who was very pleasant, then Dee Dee stumbled in, and his words upon being introduced to me were: "Do you have a Valium?" I regretted not being able to able to stretch out the moment by saying yes, but at the same time my regard for him went way down.


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