Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oxygen Opening

So I rented a gigantic boat of a car and drove to Nelson on Thursday (9 hours), set up the show on Friday, had the opening Friday night and drove back to Vancouver on Saturday, picking up two delightful hitchhikers and their dog along the way.

It was wonderful to be back in Nelson and to see so many familiar faces (also slightly scary to recognise every second person I saw, after the anonymity of Vancouver.) The opening was well attended and I received many thoughtful, positive comments. I think the show is really good and deserves to be seen in some other places. We're working on it!

I will be going back next month to give a talk at the Gallery - hopefully at a slightly more restful pace!

The show can be found at Oxygen Art Centre, 320 Vernon Street, Nelson BC from May 19 to June 17, 2006. Here's what the press release said:

Faint Evidence is the work of Heather Cameron, former Nelson resident, now living in Vancouver, Ines Ortner Gigling of Bowen Island, Angelika Werth of Nelson and Susan Andrews Grace also of Nelson. All are visual artists working with textiles.

The works in Faint Evidence bear evidence of the passage of time, the processes of nature and connection to human life.
All artists have been working with processes that destroy, fragment, and disintegrate cloth, and then reconstruct and re-integrate it so that something new emerges. Faint Evidence honoura textile workers of the past, reflects the fragility and endurance of cloth and locates the beauty in the old, the discarded, the spent. Techniques both conventional and unconventional are employed: quilting, felting, burning, embroidery, mechanical abrasion, couture dressmaking, compost dyeing, staining, weathering, dyeing, piecing and patching.

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