Roughing It in the Bush

My friend Jay lives well off the beaten track. I rode my bike there, following her hand drawn map, becoming a little worried as the dirt road became narrower and narrower until the stinging nettles were dangerously close to my legs. Finally I arrived at a small clearing, marked by a sign which read, "Please call before dropping in." Clearly Miss Jay values her privacy.

She lives in a very small house.

Her chickens, on the other hand, enjoy palatial quarters.

Colourful bandanas on the nesting boxes give the hens a sense of seclusion.

Miss Jay has to haul her water, and has no refrigerator. (Like quite a few people on the island, she also has no electric lights or indoor plumbing.) She fills empty bottles with water and uses clay wine coolers to keep it fresh. The tiny tree frog also appreciates the cool, moist environment.

Here's one of her beautiful banty hens, the famous Duck Mom.

It's a very rustic place, one that might not suit many people. But I found it peaceful and beautiful, filled with charm and much evidence of ingenuity.


  1. Oh dear the more I read your blog the more I want to pack up my spotted hankerchief and make my way to your island it sounds so idyllic. Does your friend take in lodgers??? I love chickens but not keen on frogs.
    Have a lovely day
    Beverley x


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